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Recall - Get That Butt Back!

Hair grows. (Mostly in the places you want it to.) Which means that if you’re lucky enough to have someone in your chair, you’ve got a really great opportunity to get them to come back. If you can get a client to book their next appointment before they leave the salon, you’re in great shape and it will make both of you happy. But that doesn’t always happen. So it’s important to have a recall tool where you can log the length of time between suggested cuts/colours and then follow up with the client at the appropriate time to get them to book.

This can be done using a simple daytimer or your phone’s calendar. Simply drop a future dated note to yourself to check in with the client. If the client should be coming to see you in six weeks, put a note in your calendar five weeks out. This will prompt you to check and see if the client has in fact booked with you. And if not, you’ve given yourself a reminder to reach out to the client to let them know you’re booking up and you want to make sure they get an appointment that works for them.

Better yet, consider using the Gotta Style App which has a recall feature built right in. Our app will let you easily browse your client list and see from a single view right on your phone who has upcoming bookings, who doesn’t, and it’s even colour coded to help guide you on which clients you should be reaching out to now and which clients you can wait on.

Consider the average men’s cut for a moment. Most guys should be coming in about once every four weeks. Which means most are coming in once every six weeks. And when they need a cut, they really need it which means they might see whomever is available. Someone who comes in in every six weeks over the course of the year will see you 9 times. If you charge $30 for a men’s cut, that’s $270 over the course of the year. With a little prompting you can get that client in every four weeks and you’ll see that client 13 times in a year which amounts to $390. That’s an extra $120 a year you’re leaving on the table. Multiply that by 100 clients and that’s a lot of money...

You don’t need as many clients as you think if you can get your clients to come in more often. And let’s be honest, when someone looks their best they're going to be more successful. You’ll be doing your clients a favour. In fact, you owe it to your clients! 

That's it for Lesson Six. Your action step is to get a recall system in place to help accelerate the frequency with which your clients come see you. Have less clients, make more money. It's simple.

And if you haven't already downloaded the Gotta Style App, give it a try! 

If you're here for the first time, sign up for our sales training  program here. 

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