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Gotta Style ft. Heiko Ryll - June 18th, 2018

Heiko Ryll Delivers a Fantastic Photography Clinic

When a world-class photographer like Heiko Ryll agrees to collaborate with your startup to run a photography clinic for stylists & barbers, you know it's going to be a great event. And boy was it ever! 

On June 18th, 2018, we joined Heiko at his Werkstatt Studio in Alberta Block, the former CKUA building, to learn how to take great photographs using some basic tools that are both affordable and accessible to hair stylists and barbers.

Some of the key takeaways were: 

  • Great photos are rarely a one-shot deal. The first ten you take will probably suck. So take lots. 
  • If you're planning on publishing your photos, it's a good idea to process them using photo processing tools. 
  • Don't take a 'Costco' photo. Get your subject to pose in a way that accentuates their features and hair. 
  • Lighting is key. If you don't have natural light to work with you can easily create light with some affordable, easy-to-use lighting tools. 
  • If you're taking photos of dark hair with your phone, use the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature. 
  • You don't need an expensive setup; An iPhone, an App, and some lighting is all you need. 

Some of the tools that Heiko recommends if you're a stylist include: 

And if you're a salon and you want to set up a small photo studio on a budget to make the photo capture process a breeze then Heiko recommends:

  • A ring light with phone holder to even out the lighting on your subject.
  • A variety of light diffusers to help modify light conditions. These can be simple handheld or umbrella style accessories off of Amazon or you can purchase higher quality versions from a photography site like Vistek

Bottom Line: If you're looking to market yourself as a hair professional you need to be taking great pictures.  Don't let the quality of the pictures  you're creating hold you back. It doesn't have to be hard or expensive to take and publish great photographs. 

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