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Follow Up aka Professional Persistence

Reaching out to your network is a great first step. But the unfortunate reality of today’s world is that people are busy and distracted. Your connections may have had the best of intentions when they received your note, but if the timing of when they received the note was inconvenient they may set it aside for a response later.

We’re all guilty of opening a text message, and then forgetting to reply to it. Never assume that a lack of response means ‘not interested’. It just means ‘not interested right at this moment’. The only time you should accept that someone isn’t interested in your services is when they outright respond to your note with a ‘no, thank you’.

Successful salespeople will tell you that success is based more on good old-fashioned hustle more than the product or service you’re selling. And in your case, its truer than ever. Until every person you know has come to see you or given you an outright no-thanks, your job is to continue to be professionally persistent. Keep reaching out periodically until you get a response. Bottom line: if they have hair, they need your services.

The reasons you’ll get an outright ‘no’ include:
  1. They just got their hair done. Great, make a note to follow up in a few weeks so you can snag the next appointment.

  2. They already have a stylist they work with. Great, you’ll happily be their first second choice if they’re ever ready to try something different. Follow up periodically with a picture of a hairstyle you think would look great on them.

  3. Your location doesn’t work for them. Great, find a stylist you trust who works at a location that is convenient and refer the client there. Build up a few friends in the community you trust that you can cross refer clients to. Better to earn some referral points for the sales effort if you don’t get an actual appointment.

  4. They’re simply too busy right now. Great, leave them alone for a few weeks and follow up again.

You’ll find that there’s really no excuse that you can’t turn into a future opportunity to get their butt into your chair. The key is professional persistence. You’re great at hair. And you want them to have great hair. You need to follow up with your network over and over and over until you get them into your salon, or they simply give you an outright “no, not interested”.

Knowing there are only two possible outcomes makes it easy!

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 That's it for lesson five. Your action step is to start following up with the people you reached out to in Lesson Four. 

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